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corePHPAlbum is an easy-to-use web-based image and video gallery written in PHP

Web interface for configuration, click here to start
(you'll be prompted to select the login name and password
in the first time access)

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Project Page @ sf.net

The best of corePHPAlbum:

Just organize your image (.jpg) and video (.wmv) files into a hierarchical structure...
...and it will do the rest.

1. Start working without any configuration files
2. No database and no compilation required
3. Carefree adding, deleting and moving folders
4. Configurable title, header and footer...
5. Modular themesets - see examples in showroom
6. Support for different languages
7. Create thumbnails automatically
8. Allow different themeset for different folder
9. Central administration with web interface
10. Support .wmv video files
11. Log and display page hit counts
12. Adding dynamic data to titles/remarks/... (NEW)

NOTE: It works as soon as you uploaded the photos/videos to the corresponding folder in your website.

Here are the documentation: User Guide, Release Note and Developer Guide.