Projects selections:

  • - Cool amplifiers' projects/hacks to build
  • EasyEDA - Many audio hardware schematics explicitly released as Open Source

SoundHive-V2.0 - SoundHive is a low cost open source audio amplifier, designed to be stacked much like Arduino, the aim is to reduce electronic waste by utilizing existing speakers.



bd139-thing - Rock on. Class-A amp, 2 channels of lush BJT sound.

VoltageAmps - Series of ClassA amplifier breakout boards for Teensy Arduino

Discrete Operational Amplifier - minimal class A SMD amplifier

KT88-Amp - Tube Amplifier using KT88 Tubes based on BlackCat



The design, simulation and characterisation of a class-B audio power amplifier - A report that describes the design, simulation and characterisation of a novel, high performance, medium power (≈ 50 W) class-B audio amplifier

80W-Audio-Amplifier - From the book High Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual Overal THD is approximately 0.001 %. 80 W RMS into the 8 Ohm speaker.




  • amp - hifi amplifier based on the LM4780
  • LM4780_amp - 2x60W HiFi Audio Amplifier based on LM4780
  • LM4780_Bridged - LM4780 (gainclone) amplifier board, bridged design (mono).
  • LM4780ReferenceDesign - texas instruments reference designs to pcb.


  • hw_parvus - TDA7293 based audio power amplifier
  • hw_calidus - TDA7293 based Audio Power Amplifier with MCU controller




  • the ADA project - Premium quality hifi audio amplifier with an FDA (Full Digital Amplifier)


  • MAX9709_Amplifier_PCB - MAX9709 50W, Filterless, Spread-Spectrum, Stereo/Mono, Class D Amplifier in Eagle CAD format



  • Class-D-Amplifier - A compact HiFi Class-D Amplifier build around the TDA7498 Amplifier IC
  • AmpOne - a TDA7498 or TDA7492 based Class D amplifier PCB design with up to two ICs fitted allowing for 4 channels of audio.


  • RDC2-0037This is a stereo analogue chip with a digital amplifier, designed to work with 4-ohm loudspeakers up to 110 watts per channel. RUSSIAN language
  • RDC2-0038 - This is a stereo analogue chip with a digital amplifier, designed to work with 4-ohm loudspeakers up to 110 watts per channel. RUSSIAN language


  • RDC2-0036 - This is a stereo analogue chip with a digital amplifier, designed to work with 4-ohm loudspeakers with a capacity of up to 210 W per channel. RUSSIAN language


  • RDC2-0020Class D amplifier. TPA3116D2. 2x50W. - Turn on BTL or 100W. enable PBTL RUSSIAN language
  • KAmp - Audio amplifier based on the evaluation module from Texas Instruments.


  • RDC2-0034 - This is a stereo analog chip with a digital amplifier Power Stage, designed to work with 4-ohm loudspeakers up to 300 watts per channel. RUSSIAN language

Creative Commons projects:

koonaudioprojects - Very interesting open projects for multiamplification

NBitWonder Class-D Audio Amplifier - Open source digital amplifier project.

Amplificatore Hi-Fi con TDA2051 40 Watt Musicali
- Amplificatore HIFI didattico

o-10: 10 W, Class T Stereo Audio Amplifier - Amplificatore in classe T di Francesco Campedelli


A4 Power Amplifier - An extremely cool LM4780-based 8 channels implementation

8 Channel Amplifier - Multiamplification board for software crossovers

Multi-amplification PCB with three integrated amplifiers each PCB and 24 dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley Electronic filters.

12V powered, 4x15 Watt quad amplifier - TA8215-based amplifier for PC.

4 X 40Watt Computer Audio Amplifier - TDA7386-based mod of the above.

Simple 4 Channel Audio Amp - Another version...

4x10W or 2x30W amplifier - TDA7377-based amp board

Four channel power amplifier - P3A mod for surroud application

Gainclone a 6 canali per HTPC - Finale a 2 stadi (amplificatore + alimentatore).


Audio amplifier PC card - cool DIY form factor 2x30W stereo audio amplifier

miniDSP 2x8 kit - no comments, check it out !

TUU - Trasformatore Uscita Universale (ITA)

Tiny and Transluscent Chip Amplifier - Cool DIY-amp project design & concept.

Bi-Wiring vs Bi-Amping - Very interesting article by Colin Croft