on this tree's bark made of pixels


Carve here, in this pixel-made bark of the love tree, the thoughts you want to dedicate to your partner
like people used to do in the past, on the most poetic forests' trees.
Give an eternal present to your lover, and make it as big as you wish.
Here your love will be visible to the entire world (without ruining a real tree!)

-Send us the thought you'd like to carve, and we will carve it in this bark for you
or send us the graphics you'd like to carve, and they will be forever carved in this love tree, on the web, for the world and the entire Universe to see
-The first 2500 px are FREE. More than 2500 px only cost you a simple donation to our cultural association,
Forward Agency ODV

through Paypal
or bank transfer. You can find the info in the "Rules and Donations" section of this website.
-At this point you just need to contact us!

No trickery: your love dedication will be published within 24 hours from the confirmation of your donation to our cultural association.
If you want to know more, read the association's statute)


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