on this tree's bark made of pixels


How to carve things in the bark:
You can send us your sentence or image ecc...telling us how many pixel you'd like it to take up. Every little square you can see in the grid is made of 100 pixels (10p x 10p).
- Depending on your donations, we'll give you pixels. The more you donate, the bigger and more visible your gift to your partner will be! Make your present as big as you wish, depending on what you want and can afford. Your donation will make your sentence/pictures visible. Your donation won't give you any rights on this page or this domain.

- Your carving (image or sentence) will be online forever.
- The service could be subjected to interruptions only due to the natural traffic of the net.

Donations and online publishing:
- Your pixels will be "carved" in the bark only after you donate. The average time for your gift to be up is 24 hours, all things being equal.

-FREE!(optional donation)we'll carve images/sentences up to 2500 pixels.
- For donations of 2 to 4 euros we'll carve images/sentences up to 5000 pixels.
- For donations of 5 to 8 euros we'll carve images/sentences up to 10,000 pixels.
- For donations of 9 to 15 euros we'll carve images/sentences up to 20,000 pixels.

and so on

-Contact us anyway before you make a donation: we'll talk about it: info@lovepixels.org

-You can donate through Paypal

or donate to Forward Agency ODV (ForArt): Donation

Contact us anyway before you make a donation: we'll talk about it.

Modifications and refunds:
- Once your sentence/image is online, you won't be able to change it.
- Once your sentence/image, you won't be able to get any refunds.
- If you want to remove an image/sentence from the website you can do it, but we won't refund you for your donation. The pixels will become available again to everyone.

Images or sentences:
- The images you send us will have to be of the right size. .GIF, .JPG and .JPEG with a reasonable resolution. Animated images will have to be .GIF.
- The images can't contain copyrighted material (unless you are its legal owner).
- If you'd just like to write something, you'll need to tell us the font you want to use to carve it in the bark.

- If you want to carve an image, please know that we won't accept obscenity, pornography, racism or illegal images. If we reject your image (at our unquestionable judgement) you'll be allowed to provide us with a new one, or get a refund.
- We'll do our best to avoid defamation and any other abuse. If someone carve an image that you find to be legally controversial, contact us: we'll fix the problem. If you are the owner of the material posted or if said material is detrimental to your person, we will remove it. If an image is removed due to legal reasons, the donor will be able to replace it with something inoffensive.
- We're not legally responsible for sentences, images or names on the website: we offer a service in exchange for donations, and the responsibility falls on whoever decides to carve something in the bark (except for offensive material, as previously stated). Contact us if you believe something should be removed for valid reasons.
- Any kind of repeated abuse (e.g. multiple requests to change images or sentences, multiple requests to put offensive or illegal material online), with the clear intent of deceiving us and/or a third party, will lead to us removing the material without any refund.

- Maintenance:
The website could temporarily go offline due to maintenance or migrations to more powerful servers. We'll make sure that these interruptions are as short as possible. We won't provide any refunds for interruptions of the service, not even longer interruptions than expected - especially if they are caused by technical reasons we have no responsibility for.

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